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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Where Boredom Had Leaded Me?

It was three days after I went home from the city, going back to the town where I grew up and spend most of my childhood days. Before going home I logged out all of my social media account in my phone from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and I didn't even bother to put new stories on my Wattpad.

I used to love it but I logged it out without hesitation. My goal for this semestral break is to catch complete rest and relaxation. This is the only time and chance to take a break and unwind from the busy days brought by my college life.It means no access to social media, no gadgets, just sleep, fresh air and some physical activities.

The first two days were fine but on the third day, boredom strikes!! I don't know what to do! I open my social media account which I promise my self not to. Well, promises are really meant to be broken but it has nothing to do with my boredom.

Boredom strikes so much that I almost speak with my teddy bears that are lined up on top of the keyboard that I used to play before. I even noticed that Winnie the Pooh doesn't have his shirt on.
I found myself searching on the piles of books that I have. I have read all of them but I keep on searching, maybe there's one that I missed reading.

Voila!! I found this weird book that looks like a Holy Bible. All I remember was I got it from my father's cousin who never like to read books. I scan through the pages. It's a Reader's Digest Condensed Books Vol. 2 1993.

It is composed of four stories from different authors. I already read one of them before. There's three left. I look for something that might catch my attention and there's this "Sotah" written by Naomi Ragen

Sotah by Naomi Ragen

It is hard to read at first because there's some Jewish or Hebrew terms written on it but is followed by its translation. It is about a young girl named Dina who grew up in a religious family following the rules of a religious community.  She grew from a practice which is to value the prayers and the teachings of the Torah, no eating of meat, boys and girls are not allowed to touch each other, girls are not allowed to wear jeans because it is considered as immodest .

She came to the point that her curiosity kills everything and she was accused as Sotah , a woman who committed adultery. She was just a victim of fine words from a man who doesn't have good intentions on her.She suffered from the consequences of believing that man and even introduced to a new world far from where she grew up and everything are new to her.

As a reader, it is a good story that can caressed the bottom of your heart. It is about the unconditional love of a family-a mother, father and siblings who sometimes hate us because of our mistakes but they are ready to forgive us no matter what. This story also tell us how important our family is. 

It also portrays the reality in our society. People easily judge someone without knowing the real story. Some of this people  wears decent clothes, goes to church to make themselves holy but those kind of people are the most evil! They are hypocrite who uses and abuse their power and even uses the name of the church to stepped on the other man kind and considered themselves holy.

 I'm not criticizing someone nor talking to a certain person but it is what I see and notice. Some people are practicing hypocrisy and act as if they have the rights to make other people down.

Of course, we can't just read without gathering some new lessons in life. What I learned is that;

"We might commit mistakes in life, we cannot erase it and we cannot alter it but what is most important is we repent and ask forgiveness about it and have a change of heart (metanoia). Start new. Yes we cannot change the thing that we have done but be sure not to repeat it and we are not the same person to do the same mistakes again. Most of all, we are God's children. He loves us unconditionally. We may take wrong paths in life but he is always there , guiding us , protecting us and waiting for us to come home. God is good all the time. :)"

With this, I respect and salute Ms. Naomi Ragen for writing a good story. Keep writing and enlighten the mind of some fellow readers just like what you did to me. :)


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Saturday, 14 November 2015

I Love Rain..

November 1, 2015

No one knows how much I love the rain. 

Ever since when I was in high school, my friends and I always like to walk under it like dancing in a sweet melody of raindrops while wearing smiles all over our face. 

It's like a drug... so addictive... 

making you at ease for the mean time...

but no one knows....

no one knows what lies behind this addiction!

I don't know how to express it in words.. 

"Rain is the remedy, cooling down the heat on the Earth's surface. As a human being sometimes we need to unwind and take a pause for a moment when things gets complicated. Just like the rain, we need to let our tears to pour down not just to wash our eyes, not to feel weak but to lighten the heavy piles inside our heart." 

Crying doesn't mean your weak, its just that you have been strong for a long time.

 You just need a break.

as what in the lyric's of Ed Sheeran's song.. "It's alright to cry, even your dad does sometimes.."


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